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Are you intrigued by the potential of the creapunk project and eager to see its development flourish? Join project in supporting this remarkable endeavor!

The success of this project depends on the collective efforts of its contributors and community. If you believe in its potential, don't hesitate to share it with others who may be interested in contributing. Together, we can build a vibrant community that propels this project to new heights.

Join the project!

To get involved or learn more about the project, join project Discord server!

Together, let's bring this project to life and make a lasting impact on the community. Share it with those who may be interested, and let's improve this project together!

How to contribute?

Currently, the project is driven solely by enthusiasm. However, hardware development requires time and financial resources. That's where your support can make a significant impact on its progress. There are few ways to contribute:

  • 💻 Become a Developer: If you have skills and expertise in hardware or software development, firmware, or documentation, your contributions will be invaluable. Join our development team and help shape the future of this project.
  • 💰 Become a Sponsor: Your financial support is crucial for the advancement of any open-source project. By sponsoring the project, you provide essential resources for hardware and software development, firmware, documentation, and production support. Your contribution will drive the project forward and ensure its sustainability.

How to sponsor?

  • Ko-fi (preferred for membership subscription and one-time donation) - here you can sign up for monthly support or you can make a one-time donation as well!
  • Patreon - same as Ko-fi but higher fees

Every bit of support makes a significant difference!

Also, as a patron, you can get bonuses, like early access to information and files of new designs, updates on development progress and more!

Industry Supporters

Community Supporters

  • @olov