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⚡ Electrical characteristics

  • Input voltage: 5-25VDC with overcurrent protection, reverse polarity protection and surge protection
  • Current ratings: 2ARMS with up to 3A peak current
  • Powering options:
    • 2-Pin connector XH2.5 (3A limited by connector);
    • 6-Pin control connector XH2.5 with power lines (3A limited by connector);
    • USB Type-C connector with PowerDelivery support (20VDC 5A limited by connector)
  • System voltage source: internal 1.4MHz synchronous DC-DC converter

🔄 Motor Driving Control Capabilities

  • Supported stepper motor form factor: NEMA17
  • Maximum coil current (bipolar configuration only):
    • 1.4ARMS per phase continuously
    • 2ARMS per phase with 50% duty cycle (period 1s)
    • 2.5A peak per phase
  • Maximum output voltage: 25VDC
  • Maximum step sub-division resolution: 1/256
  • Energy saving features: Passive Braking, Freewheeling and automatic power down
  • Working frequency: up to 40kHz PWM (allows silent and smooth motion)
  • Phase channel resistance: Mosfets RDSON 170mΩ for both sides + 100mΩ current sensing resistor
  • True Driver positioning resolution: Up to 0.028° (limited by motor)
  • True Encoder position feedback resolution: 14bit per full rotation or 0.02° at 20kHz update rate
  • Diagnostic functions: overheat detection, short-circuit detection, under-voltage detection, open-load detection in case connectors are not firmly plugged in

🖥️ MCU Performance and External interfaces

MCU: High-performance Arm Cortex-M4 MCU STM32G431CB running at 170MHz with:

  • 128KB Flash memory and 32KB SRAM memory and 1Kb OTP
  • Math accelerator with trigonometric functions calculations support;
  • True random number generator
  • Internal HSI and RTC with external oscillator option


  • USB2.0 for PC communication
  • Power Delivery PD2.0/PD3.0 through USB Type-C
  • CAN-Bus with CAN-FD support for high-speed or long-range wired connection (option to transite signal through the board)

  • SWD programming interface with debug over SWO trace

  • 6-Pin connector with power line and multifunctional bidirectional fast 4-Pin interface up to 8MHz can support:

    • Classic En/Dir/Step interface

    • I2C and UART Single-Wire for control and diagnostics features

    • Custom interface including numerous combination of the above interfaces

  • 8-Pin connector with 1A power line and multifunctional bidirectional fast 6-Pin interface up to 8MHz can be utilized as:

    • Classic UART interface

    • Comparator or OpAmp IO

    • 4x Analog Channels

I/O protection features:

  • ESD protection (persistent against electrostatic discharge)
  • USB, PD, SWD and control interfaces are 5V-tollerant
  • Reverse polarity signal protection
  • Overcurrent protection

User interaction:

  • 2 programmable custom user buttons (one can be used as reset button)
  • RGB LED for indication of working mode or current status

Position control: LSM6DSO 6-Axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) with:

  • 3-Axis Gyroscope with update rate up to 6kHz
  • 3-Axis Accelerometr with update rate up to 6kHz
  • 3KB FIFO memory to store data

📏 Mechanical data

  • Size dimensions: PCB outline is 38x38mm (adapted for NEMA17 form factor) 7.5-12mm total height (depends on the connectors type)
  • Driver housing: 42x42mm CNC-milled alluminum case for PCB mounting, heatsink and mechanical protection with
  • Weight:
    • 8g board only
    • 18g board with mount
    • 24g with low-profile aluminum housing
    • 28g with full-size aluminum housing

🔥 Operating conditions

  • Working temperature range: -25 to +80 degrees Celcius
  • Environment humidity range: 0 to 90%
  • Environmental safety: Lead-Free and RoHS compliance
  • Maximum heat dissipation: 3W from motor driver and 0.5W from other system