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Development Progress


This page will be actively updated as hardware and software is developed.

The current plan and more details on the progress of the development by section can be found here:



What is the project's status?

As of October 10, 2023, the project is progressing rapidly. It has garnered significant community support, which has accelerated its development and enhancement. Most importantly, it helps implement features that the community truly needs!

✅ What has been completed?

  • The primary documentation for the hardware and the source files for the first version of the CLN17 V1.
  • Most functions of the CLN17 V1 driver have been tested.
  • A list of proposed improvements for the CLN17 V2 has been drafted.
  • Design work has begun on an advanced version based on the TMC5160.
  • A partial library for controlling the TMC2209 driver via UART has been implemented.
  • The first video about the project has been released, attracting new community members.

🔜 What's next?

  • Reviewing the design of new boards, manufacturing a test batch, debugging, and testing.
  • More documentation for the sake of documentation.
  • A fully functional library for the TLE5012B encoder.
  • A new YouTube video with a more comprehensive review of the driver.
  • An article or video providing a comparative overview of a vast array of mixed kinematics and their operational features. (Yes, much more than just CoreXY and HBOT, including some cool, lesser-known options.)
  • Countless hours of programming to breathe life into the inanimate hardware.

❓Will it ever be available for real-world use?

There are no guarantees, but I'm very hopeful to launch a beta in early 2024. There's a lot of work to be done, and I hope the community will support and keep me sane throughout the process.