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Hardware Progress


This page will be actively updated as hardware is developed.

The estimated ready date for the new hardware design is 01.11.2023~15.11.2023

💡 New Hardware Goals

Based on community feedback, I have decided to split the project into two versions. One will be highly accessible and versatile for most basic tasks. The other will cater to advanced use cases that require complex operating conditions, including high voltages, currents, and other specific nuances. This approach will maintain the perfect balance between capability and accessibility, which is the core philosophy of our project. Here are the upcoming updates:

CLN17: Compact and Affordable line

Based on community requests and test results, several useful updates to the CLN17 design will be made.

  • PCB dimensions of 38x38mm, 4-layer design with single-sided assembly
  • Track clearance and width optimization for potential external layer with 2oz/ft2 copper thickness
  • PCBA BoM price < $15 @ 50pcs
  • Connector and power architecture optimization for bus topology operation
  • Optimize the expansion connector placement
  • More compact ESD protection
  • Reverse voltage protection optimization
  • Design the external layer as ground, and the internal layer for signals and power for better thermal and electrical design optimization
  • Use X7R capacitors near the driver for temperature stability during heating
  • Increase the number of bypass capacitors for power filtering
  • DCDC converter optimization for stable operation
  • 32-bit step pulse timer
  • Connect EN pin to TMC2209
  • Expand UCPD capabilities
  • Create a notch near the motor connector for optimized wire soldering
  • Optimize the placement of solder jumpers for CAN-Bus termination
  • Potentially add support for other types of encoders
  • Stepstick adapter to replace generic drivers

CLN234: Powerful and Professional line

The request for a more powerful version is also heard. For now, a rough sketch of the features that the advanced version will get compared to the basic version is shown below.

  • PCB dimensions of 40x52mm, 4-layer design with double-sided assembly
  • PCBA BoM price < $50 @ 50pcs
  • Removable one-time fuses
  • Header for an external encoder (incremental or absolute)
  • Optimize design for high currents and heat-dissipation
  • Industrial STEP-DIR interface support
  • TMC5160 with high-current external MOSFETs
  • Integrated system current sensing
  • Pin jumper for CAN-Bus termination
  • Optimized DCDC for higher operating voltages
  • High-capacity bypass capacitors